Adding a ChitChattr To a Team or Chat

Once one of our apps is installed to your organisation's app catalogue, it can easily be added to a specific team, or group chat, or connected to directly for direct private use. To do this, go to the App catalogue where you side-loaded the application previously.

Now go to the "Built for [CompanyName]" menu item on the left to show the side-loaded apps. Click on the app you want to install to open its information page.

On the information page, click the Add button directly to add the app to your personal app list (and to start a conversation with its Bot, if applicable).

Alternatively, as shown in the example animation below, you can choose the small dropdown arror next to the Add button to add the app to a team's channel or to a group conversation.

If you are installing the app to a channel within a team, or to a group chat, you need to select the specific channel or chat.

After that, a configuration page will appear that might require further information, depending on the application. In the example animation below, we simply push the Save button as no further configuration is required.

The app is now installed to your channel or chat.

The video below show the steps visually:

Adding a ChitChattr Your Personal App List

Depending on whether the specific app supports adding it to your personal app list, the initial steps are the same as described above, to locate the app in the app catalog. One the desired app is open, simply click the Add button directly to add it to your app list.

The video below show the steps visually:

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