Want to quickly, effectively and consistently welcome and onboard new joiners? Need to help existing users with key organizational information, links & answers, 24x7? TeamMate helps you do all of those and more!

See a quick overview of ChitChattr TeamMate's features:

your 'go-to guy/gal' inside Teams

- support new joiners with a self-paced, digital onboarding experience

- assist new and existing colleagues with 24x7 assistance and interaction

Screenshot of all TeamMate features
Screenshot of TeamMate menu

interactive menus

- fluid navigation to subjects & topics

- access existing content (e.g. intranet pages, handbooks, etc.)

- enable embedded experiences (e.g. videos)

- empowers new & existing colleagues

scheduled messages

- bite-sized ideas delivered over time, not all-at-once

- flexible schedules (mins, hrs, days, weeks)

Screenshot of TeamMate scheduled messages
Screenshot of TeamMate Q and A


- answers queries, 24x7

- helps new joiners & existing colleagues

- knowledge base can be continually extended

'demo' mode

- fully-functional 'demo' mode

- test all features instantly

Screenshot of TeamMate Demo Mode

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