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Need to remind yourself to take action on a specific message in Teams? Just want to be reminded of something at a certain time, or on a regular schedule (e.g. every day, week, month)? ChitChatter Reminderz helps you take care of these and more.

Quicklinks Shared Shortcuts

Need to share and maintain a list of shortcuts within the team? Quicklinks shared shortcuts help you easily create, share and maintain a list of quick access links like these.

Quotatious Quotations Bot

If you or your team enjoy reading an interesting and inspiration quotes, our Quotatious bot can send you one on demand or be set to send one on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

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Shortlinks URL Shortener

A tool to quickly create short URLs that look better in messages, emails, etc.

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TeamMate Welcome Bot

A bot to quickly, effectively and consistently welcome and onboard new team members.


Microsoft Teams Consulting & Development

Our team has been working with Microsoft Teams since it's early release days, and has decades of experience with Microsoft's other collaboration products. We're available to bring this experience to meet your Microsoft Teams requirements on training, adoption, governance and custom development.

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